Zenegra is Sildenafil Citrate tablets and is used for impotence treatment in men. This drug is a boon for men suffering from erectile dysfunction in men. We all know how important sex in any relationship is. For men sex is not only a mere love making in bed but also synonyms to manhood. The way they perform in bed is the way they define themselves. Sexual power means everything to them. However sometime they do not get enough erection and they are not able to do sexual act properly. This leaves them frustrated and they go into a cocoon. Many a time they feel too embarrass to admit this problem. This is where Zenegra helps them to treat their sexual disorder and live and regain their happy sex life. As erectile dysfunction affects only men, hence these tablets are meant only for men. Zenegra’s basic component is Sildenafil citrate which is found in Viagra. Zenegra is as effective as Viagra; however it differs a lot in pricing and appearance. One can buy a variety of Ed drugs like generic Viagra, Super P Force and Edegra online from our online pharmacy Viagradoc.com.

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How to consume Zenegra

Zenegra comes in pill form and should be consumed orally with a glass of water. The most prescribed dosage of Zenegra is 50 mg; however it is important to check with the doctor for the correct dosage of the drug. In severe cases doctor may recommend to take Zenegra 100 mg but it should be consulted with the doctor. Zenegra should be taken 50 minutes prior the sexual act to get the maximum result. Zenegra should be taken once a day and in no case one should increase the dose. Overdose could pose serious threat to one’s health. As it is not treating any health condition it should be taken only when one would like to have sex. There is no point to take this drug on daily basis. One can easily rely on this drug as it is safe and secure to treat sexual disorder.

Results of over dosage of Zenegra

Zenegra is impotence treatment drug and is one of the best generic medications which treat sexual impotency successfully. It imparts desired result if taken as instructed by the doctor in a proper manner. One should check with the doctor about the right dosage and do not consume more than one pill of Zenegra in a day. Consuming more than one pill of Zenegra a day could play havoc with your health and you could really put yourself in a serious medical condition. Overdose can result to serious side effects like blur vision, cardiac arrest, vomiting, nausea, body ache and rashes. The dose prescribed by the doctor is enough to treat erectile dysfunction in men so stay away from overdosing yourself.

How safe is Zenegra?

Is Zenegra dangerous? This question comes to mind while consuming this drug. Zenegra is a very safe medicine and is no way harmful to your health. Men treating sexual disorder can easily rely on it. Although there are some mild side effects which one may come across to are body ache, nausea, blurriness, back pain, sensitivity to light, joint pain etc. These are very mild in nature and go away after a while.

Some of the serious side effect of Zenegra which requires one immediate medical attention to are liver and kidney failure, heart attack, fast heart beat, severe dizziness and severe headache. Though these happen very seldom, still, if one has not followed the instructions or taken Zenegra as directed, could come across to these serious side effects.

Warning and Precautions

There are certain precautionary measures for Zenegra which need to be followed as in the case of any other drug. It is important to check the expiry date of the drug, and if it is expired, do not consume it. A proper procedure should be followed for the safe disposal of Zenegra. In case you come across any side effects after taking the drug it is better to discuss it with your doctor for further usage. As Zenegra is strictly for men, make sure that you keep it away from children and women. In case you already have had any medical history and you are taking treatment for kidney, liver or heart disease, it is advisable to check with your doctor if you can still take Zenegra. Men suffering from diabetes and ulcer should refrain taking Zenegra. Alcohol and other drugs containing nitrates can react with Zenegra so it is better to avoid it. Any men over the age of 65 should consult the doctor before taking it. Taking precaution will yield to better result. It is better to be safe than sorry

Zenegra is for every impotent man

Zenegra is your sure answer to any problem and is an absolute erectile dysfunction treatment drug. It is safe, reliable and is well trusted all over the world by men suffering from erectile disorders. This drug not only solves impotency in men but also saves relationships. It helps in rebuilding the confidence in men and makes them happier and more satisfied in their personal space. Zenegra is available at reasonable price and is easily available online. We suggest that you buy Zenegra online from reliable and authenticated pharmacy. Take Zenegra and say goodbye to your sexual problem forever.