To buy any kind of generic medication from you must first provide a genuine-ethical doctor’s consent in the obligatory form. Therefore, we request our customers to provide a credible prescription before making any purchase from You can any ways send it to us by Email or fax, as per your convenience. Details involving prescription policy is listed below, kindly read it carefully.

  • A genuine reliable prescription must be presented to us by a practicing licensed Doctor and prescriptions written in English will only be considered valid.
  • The prescription should be made available to us before or in 15 days of order, or else your order will involuntarily get cancelled as per our policy order of business.
  • Hand written prescriptions but with proper seal are accepted at
  • Customers with a prescription that does not fit into your prescription and business policy will get a call from our customer care executive for further details.

Note: Mention accurate name and order number while contacting our customer care via email or live help.
For any queries or suggestions related to any of our policies and processes you can leave a comment or contact our customer care executives who are available 24/7 to assist you.