Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra is an excellent medication which is a proven and the most trusted solution for erectile dysfunction among men from various age groups. Discontented or disappointed sexual ability is one of the most commonly caused sexual disorder that greatly causes sexual trouble among men from various age groups. Generic Levitra is the finest Generic oral solution found to help men get rid of this condition effortlessly without facing any more trouble or complications. Generic Levitra which is generic medication for treatment of erectile dysfunction has Vardenafil 20mg as the key component.Always consult a doctor before you buy Generic Viagra, generic Levitra or Edegra online from Viagradoc.

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Vital Dosage instructions

Generic Levitra drug is available in three dose variants of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. It is recommended that a doctor should be consulted before the consumption of Generic Levitra for the right dose. The prescription for the dose of Generic Levitra may vary depending upon the age, severity of erectile dysfunction after diagnosis and the health factors of the patient. A dosage of 20 mg Generic Levitra is generally prescribed in severe cases. Do not increase the dosage by yourself always consult a doctor to optimize the results according to the dosage. Only one pill or dose of Generic Levitra is to be consumed within a span of 24 hours, under any circumstances the pill should not be consumed twice within a day. Generic Levitra should not be consumed on a daily basis. The drug does not increase the libido, the results are seen only when the man consuming it is sexually excited.


One must be extremely cautious that an overdose of Generic Levitra on any occasion knowingly or unknowingly should be strictly avoided. Overdose of the drug is treacherous for the body; it leads to nausea vomiting, dizziness and also other more critical disorders. Seek immediate medical help in case of overdose of Generic Levitra.

Results of the first intake
In most men the drug takes its course of action and displays results when consumed for the first time in other words it Generic Levitra works for all men. However in some cases it takes more than usual time for the display of desired results. For those men who face problem at the first instance, they should have faith in the potent formula and working mechanism of the drug. After two or three times it will surely display the craved outcome and there will be no looking back from there

How to Consume Generic Levitra for the Perfect Outcome?

Consumption of the drug is of foremost importance, Generic Levitra should be consumed as a whole along with a glass of water, any breaking or chewing of the drug will delay the time taken for the display of results. The pill should only be consumed with water and no other the liquid. No alcohol consumption with Levitra Generic is advised. The pill should be consumed at least forty minutes before indulging in sexual intercourse. It preferred that the pill is taken on an empty stomach; this will only help the drug to act faster and better. Oily and Fatty foods slow down the process and delay the results.

Side Effects

Generic Levitra may cause some common side effects on the body which are stuffy nose, light sensitivity, headache, backache and nausea. These mild side effects are not a cause of worry and will dwindle away on its own. In some rare instances there can be more severe side effects of Generic Levitra on the human body. These should not be overlooked and immediate medical attention must be called for. The severe side effects are heart palpitations, high blood pressure and painful erections.

Ideal Storage Conditions for Generic Levitra

Proper storage of the drug plays an important role in maintaining the effective potent ingredients of the drug till the date of expiry. Generic Levitra or any other drug for that matter should never be consumed after the date of expiry. The temperature required for storage is 14 to 28 degrees. Keep the Generic Levitra pills away from any kind moisture, light or direct heat. Any air tight container will do the work of preserving the drug as long as it is sealed properly and kept away from direct sunlight, refrigerator and places with moisture or water.

Safety Measures to be kept in mind before taking Generic Levitra

Nitrates in any form should not be consumed with Generic Levitra as Vardenafil generic in the drug react with the nitrate and cause severe harm to the body. It should be consumed only after prescription of the right dosage and administered by a medical professional. It would be advisable not to consume Generic Levitra if allergic to Vardenafil as it is the main ingredient of Generic Levitra. All medical history must be correctly disclosed to the doctor prescribing the drug, as it will help him to prescribe and monitor the right use of the medication. One should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or grapefruit juice while consuming the pill to attain perfect results. Always keep in mind sexual stimulation is required for Generic Levitra to help obtain an erection, it is neither an aphrodisiac nor a protection against sexually transmitted diseases.