Edegra is a generic drug which is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men very effectively. Erectile dysfunction is the root cause of all sexual problems in men. It is a disorder by which men do not get enough erection in his penile area to perform sexual act properly. Erectile dysfunction happens when there is not sufficient flow of blood in the penile area because of which the penis doesn’t get enough erection, thus stopping the person from having pleasurable sexual experience. Edegra is one such drug which by virtue of its main Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate not only cures this problem but also enhance the quality of sexual life in one’s life. The Edegra drug helps to fix the problem of blood flux in the penile area which helps in getting the desired erection lasting for a longer period. It is meant only for men with ED trouble. It is one of the most preferred ED Drugs which is known for its quality and effectiveness worldwide. It acts fast and encourages men to get sexually aroused in a very short period.

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Edegra is an ordained ED drug and should be taken strictly as advised by the doctor. Edegra is one of the most sought out drug by men suffering from ED. To get maximum benefit of this drug it is important to take this drug as directed. Self medication can grievously hurt your health. Never take more than one dosage in a span of 24 hours. It is better to take this drug only when you feel sexually aroused. It is not meant to treat any medical condition; hence there is no need to take it on daily basis. This drug can react with certain juices and alcohol so it is better to avoid them. Smoking can also slow down the working of this drug; therefore, we suggest avoiding it. One should not powder or break the tablet while consuming it. One has to swallow the whole tablet with water. Do not alter the dosage on your own. It is better to check with the doctor in case you want to change the dosage. It is one of the finest ED medications which are available in the market today.

Edegra Side Effects

Though Edegra is a very high qualitative drug, still there are some side effects associated with it, like any general medication. Most of the side effects are very common and do not impair your quality of life in any way. Stomach upset, headache, back aches, runny nose, muscle pain and inflammation are some of the mild side effects which disappear without any treatment. Some of the side effects are very grave in nature like heart attack, stroke, shortness in breath, insomnia, extended painful erection and need to be treated immediately. In case you suffer from any persistent side effects of Edegra please inform your doctor immediately and take appropriate treatment.


Every drug is to be taken with utmost precaution to avoid any serious complications to one’s health. Edegra is known for its ability to treat erectile dysfunction in men efficiently, yet it important to carry out all the precautions while consuming this drug. A person who is suffering from kidney and liver problem and is under medication for the same should not take this drug or should check with the doctor for its viability for him. It is important to check if you are not allergic to any component of this drug. In case you are taking any nitrate based drugs, please do not take this drug as it can react with nitrates. Consuming Edegra does not go well with alcohol so it is better to avoid it. Sometimes this drug can cause dizziness so it is better to avoid driving after consuming it. For better functioning of this drug it is better to avoid heavy fatty meals. It is necessary to follow all the points relating to its precautions and warning.

Storage of Edegra Pills

Proper storing of drug is important to stop any contamination of the drug and for lasting it for a longer time. A proper environment and adequate temperature is crucial for storing the drug. A cool dark place, away from direct sunlight and direct heat is an appropriate place for its storing. Temperature from 15 to 30 degree Celsius is an ideal temperature for storing the drug. As the drug is meant only for men it is necessary to stock Edegra away from women and children. Edegra should always be kept in airtight container as air contact can degrade the quality of the drug. Check out on the expiry date of the drug and discard any expired drug in a proper manner. Proper storing helps in maintaining the high quality of the drug.


Edegra is one of the most viable and trusted option for men suffering from ED complications. It is a blessing for men who are facing this problem and cannot even discuss it openly. This drug helps them to get rid of this problem and live a blissful sexual life with their partner. Inadequate blood flow is the main reason of Erection dysfunction in men. Edegra counters ED trouble in impotent men by rendering adequate blood flow in the penile region which culminates into long lasting erection of the penis. A proper erection is a source of joyful sexual experience for men. Men of any age can safely take Edegra under the proper supervision of the doctor. This drug is one of the cheapest, safest and trusted drugs by men all over the world. Edegra works fast in men in achieving solid erection for a longer time thus helps them to enjoy their sexual intimacy with their partner.