Dry eye is a condition where liquid of the eyes dries up completely. In normal condition eyes are always filled with fluid which keeps eyes lubricated. Eyes remain smooth and soft because of this fluid. Deficiency of fluid or drying up of fluid in eyes is the cause of dry eye syndrome. It is a serious medical condition and should be treated immediately. Cyclosporine drug is used to treat dry eye. This drug belongs to the category of drugs called immunomodulators. Cyclosporine treats dry eyes efficiently and helps in increasing tear production and treats dry eyes. All eye drugs like Brimonidine tartrate , cyclosporine and bimatoprost should be taken on advice of a doctor only.

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How to Apply Cyclosporine?

Cyclosporine is a solution form eye drug and successfully treats dry eyes. One has to instill certain number of drops, as suggested by the doctor in the eyes. Please follow the course regularly as directed by the doctor. In case you are directed to take eye drops twice a day, we suggest you to keep a gap of 12 hours between the dosages. Try to put Cyclosporine drops at the same time of the day. Frequent change of time in taking eye drops will not yield effective results. Cyclosporine is an eye drug and should not be applied elsewhere on the skin and should not be taken orally.

What if the drug is overused?

Never overdose yourself thinking that it would yield faster result. No, instead of doing any good it will only harm you. In such a situation where you have overdosed yourself please check with your doctor. Instil as many drops as directed by your doctor.

What if a dose is missed?

Always take your drug at the scheduled time and in case you have forgotten to take the dose, do not panic, take it when you remember. However, make sure that it is not near to the second dose time because it would become double dose in such a case. Skip it completely and regulate your schedule for next time

Important Points

It is important to maintain hygiene of hands before using Cyclosporine. Wash your hands before you touch the dropper. Shake well the bottle before using it so the drug mixes properly. Check if the dropper is working and the drug is flowing smoothly. Do not touch the tip of the bottle so that the dropper is not contaminated. To put the drops in eyes, tilt your head slightly, make a pouch of your eyes and put the drops. Do not close your eyes very tightly; else the drug will flow out. In case you have to put two drops then keep a gap of 5 min between both the drops. If you are wearing lenses, please remove them before putting Cyclosporine. You can wear them again after 15 minutes. If the drops have come out wipe them off with the tissue. Wash your hands after using the drugs and tightly close the lid of the bottle.

Possible side effects

Cyclosporine is a prescribed drug for dry eyes which works very effectively and very rarely one encounters any side effect of the drug. Some common side effects like itchiness, red eyes, blurriness, watery eyes, vision change are very normal to occur and do not cause any threat to your health. There is no need to treat them medically and they disappear with time. However, in case they stay for a longer time then you need to go the doctor.

Serious side effects of Cyclosporine which need medical attention are swelling in tongue, swelling in and around mouth, swelling on face and throat, fast heartbeat, irregular breathing, tightness in chest are some of the serious side effects and one need to visit doctor to treat them. Some other symptoms, though they are not mentioned here could also be dangerous and need to be reported to the doctor.

Safety Measures

Before using cyclosporine, make sure that you are not allergic to any of its component. Stop using this drug in case you are allergic to any of its component. If you are taking any herbal supplements or some vitamins, inform your doctor before using this drug. If you are having any kind of health condition it is better to check with your physician, if you can still use cyclosporine or not. Any other drug can react with cyclosporine, so it is better you check it with your doctor. In case you are having any kidney problem, liver or heart problem, please consult your doctor before taking cyclosporine dose and do not go for self medication. Breast feeding mothers and pregnant women should refrain from this medicine. Women, who are planning to conceive, are supposed to check with their doctor before taking this drug. Do not share your bottle of cyclosporine with anybody else. Using Cyclosporine with contact lenses is not advisable at all as the chemical present in the drug can damage the lenses. Remove your eye lenses before administering this drug. Do not drive or does any such work which requires your complete attention as this drug can cause dizziness and blurriness.

Storage Instructions

It is important to follow all the steps mentioned in storing of drug in the booklet. Cyclosporine should be stored in a very hygiene environment. Room temperature for storing the drug should be in the range of 15 to 25 degree Celsius. It is good to store Cyclosporine in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. It should be store in a safe place away from the reach of children. Bathroom and kitchens are to be avoided as the temperatures of these places are unfit for Cyclosporine. It is important to check the expiry date and it is equally important the safe disposal of the drug.